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Frankfurt : Nied, 17000 inhabitants
General character: The districts of "Griesheim" appear connected to each other in Frankfurt's west. Their urban development borders on fields and meadows of the "Nidda"-river while the south on the contrary the south reveals a rather industrial character. Plants of the former "Hoechst" company, are located in here just as wholesale stores and car-washes along the "Mainzer Landstraße". Both quarters present their own individual profile. Griesheim, which appears partly suburban due to its architecture, offers a beautiful promenade of the "Main"-river. "Nied" on its part consists of a mixture between housing estates of the Fifties and provincial old buildings. Altogether rents remain affordable and moreover the strong diversity among the residents from all walks of life creates the charm of this quarter.
Sights: Directly connected to the district "Nied" the "Nied"-forest which serves as a greenbelt recreation area. Joggers and bikers mostly prefer the paths along the Nidda-river, being well extended from the so-called "Wetterau" in the North to its mouth in "Hoechst". In addition, several fishermen make use of the river-banks and some fishing ponds situated right next to them.
Shopping and going out: Apart from the wholesale trade retail stores have established itself quite well around here. A variety of bourgeois restaurants and pizzerias fit one's gastronomically needs.
Infrastructure: By train ("S-Bahn") Griesheim and Nied are directly connected to the city center. Furthermore, there is a tram along the Mainzer Landstraße heading either towards the main train station or the "Hoechst"-district.

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