Lage Frankfurt Eschersheim


Frankfurt : Eschersheim, 14200 inhabitants
General character: Set in the northwestern part of Frankfurt Eschersheim enjoys high popularity among residential areas not only through its closeness to the city. Its center can be found north of the railway road where partly idyllic structures combined with traditional Frankfurter restaurants and beer gardens as well as little shops dominate the scenery. Apart from Old-Eschersheim the area around the subway station "Weißer Stein" in the south has established itself as a second center where refurbished old buildings just as villas lining up on the border of the so-called "Dichterviertel", a reasonably decent urban residential area. Its closeness to the city combined with a wide range of leisure facilities and the diversity of residents from all walks of life as for example or even students and workmen make it a pleasantly situated residential area of medium up to high quality.
Sights: Several opportunities of spending one's leisure time are situated in Eschersheim, starting with the popular extended outdoor swimming pool including a beautiful lawn. Apart from the lovely high standard In-and Outdoor courts in good condition as for example for tennis and soccer offer the opportunity of exercising a little activity whereas strolling around, jogging and cycling definitely are mostly recommended to be practised on the bank of the "Nidda"-river.  
Shopping and going out: Some pubs have established themselves even for the quarter's youngsters. Besides fine beer gardens and restaurants exert a pull on any kind of visitors. The "Batschkapp" presents one of Frankfurt's main locations for concerts among the so-called "Independent"-scene so that it has become a real Frankfurter institution. Any daily equipment to be found in the supermarkets and tiny grocery shops along the Eschersheimer Landstraße.
Infrastructure: A number of subway lines and trains ("U-and S-Bahn") connect the district to the city center. The final station of the line U3 even leads into beautiful hiking trails in the mountains, the so-called "Taunus"- mountains

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