Lage Frankfurt Eckenheim


Frankfurt : Eckenheim, 14100 inhabitants
General character: Set in the North Eckenheim and Preungesheim are well-connected to the city center. Incorporated in 1910 both quarters distinguish through their own individual hearts of town, and each leaves a rural and cozy impression to the visitors eye with their fram-work and older detached or duplex houses. Eckenheim's North surely represents the Seventies with its quite large estate with typical housing blocks of the latter decade. Apart from calm streets with bourgeois residential buildings from the late 19th century, some estates have recently been added. Altogether, affordable rents and quite settings attract workers, employees as well as people looking for affordable housing with a close connection to the city.
Shopping and going out: Several retail stores and service institutions can be found in either Eckenheim's or Preungesheim's hearts of town. In addition, some large discount stores for the weekend's shopping have settled down on the northern border of Preungesheim. Furthermore, the districts offer Pizzerias and restaurants of which some have gained a good reputation beyond the quarter as well.
Infrastructure: Preungesheim and Eckenheim are accessible within 15 or 20 minutes from the city by the subway line. Eckenheim's entrance ramp to the highway 661 connects districts to the main highways bypassing Frankfurt's Northeast.

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