Lage Frankfurt Unterliederbach


Frankfurt : Unterliederbach, 14400 inhabitants
General character: The district "Höchst" including the attached area "Unterliederbach" is set in the western part of Frankfurt's municipal area. It had remained part of the city "Mainz" until the era of Napoleon. Integrated into the Frankfurter community in 1928 it has somehow still maintained its suburban character as Hoechst has kept its picturesque Old City consisting of half-timbering, a market place and an ancient castle. On sunny weekends several tourists and day-trippers are likely to spend their leisure time out there. However, due to the industrial plants of the former "HoechstAG" (recently named Aventis), serving as the eastern and western edges of the district, Hoechst is decisively marked by industry. In order to escape from an industrial monoculture the attempt to plant the former industrial estates with modern service industries has been made.
Sights: A beautiful promenade of the "Main"-river, a park right at the "Nidda"-mouth and especially the Old City itself add up to the attractiveness of Hoechst as a destination for a daily trip. The most ancient Frankfurter church is set in the center of the old city named the "Justinuskirche". The castle grounds including the tower, the castle and moreover the so-called "Maintor(-entrance)" merge to an idyllic medieval ensemble. Architecturally remarkable is the expressionistic "Peter Behrens" -administrative building located on the former HoechstAG-section build in 1923. Cycling and footpaths along the "Nidda" and the "Main"-river support the high recreational value of the region.
Shopping and going out: Hoechst hosts various retail stores, pizzerias and service institutions primarily set around Hoechst's major shopping avenue named the "Königsteiner Straße". The cinema "Filmforum Hoechst" offers a high-quality program as well as the New Theatre of Hoechst ("Neues Theater") introduces a variety of music and cabaret events with nationally prominent artists. The "Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst", a huge concert hall counting 3500 visitors, has remained one of the most significant venue for performing symphony orchestras and ballet ensembles.
Infrastructure: Within a 15-minutes train ride Hoechst is accessible from the city. Passing by, the highway A66 provides motorists with an adequate connection to both the city center and even some towns surrounding the front area of the Taunus-mountains and the western region of the so-called "Rhein-Main"-province.

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