Lage Frankfurt Sachsenhausen


Frankfurt : Sachsenhausen, 54900 inhabitants
General character: Sachsenhausen is set on the southern bank of the Main river and presents a central district with plenty of flair. Buildings originating in the late 19th century around the "Schweizer"-street form a contrast to the streets lined with timber-framed houses or the exclusive residential areas in the South. Since the 19th century Sachsenhausen experienced a change from a working-class area to a popular district in the present particularly preferred by lawyers and canvassers.  
Sights: All though no parks worth mentioning can be found in Sachsenhausen in particular, the excellent view of the Frankfurter Skyline at the front Main compensates this lack only too well. Strollers just as young inline skaters, families dining in one of the restaurants on a boat and inhabitants spending their spare time sunbathing on the lawn create a blooming picture of urban lifestyle. The greatest attraction of Sachsenhausen is located right above the quayside all lined up next to each other: A wide range of museums, of which some are first-rate, from the Städel, a significant art gallery, or the museum on the cinema over to the museum of applied arts.  
Infrastructure: Sachsenhausen is accessible within ten minutes of walking distance from the city center. In addition the public transport named U-and S-Bahn connects this area easily with the financial district.

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