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Frankfurt : Niederursel, 16100 inhabitants
General character: The development of the so-called "Nordweststadt" in the Sixties has attained the status of a significant town-planning project of the post-war period. A quite dispersed construction marks multi-storey and even some detached houses further outside surrounding a significant service area supplying with shops, service companies and leisure-time activities, the so-called "Nordwestzentrum". The traffic system guaranties a maximum tranquillity and traffic-free area, since separate levels for pedestrians and motorists were established by means of 17 footbridges. From the general point of view this ensemble appears a little sterile. Nevertheless the district maintains its popularity among its inhabitants. Considering the high living and construction quality around here, rents remain affordable. In contrast to some post- war multi-storey housing "containers" elsewhere the Nordweststadt reasonably deserves the term "middle-class district". Furthermore the meadows of the Nidda-river served as a scene of architectural history in the Twenties: The former Stadtbaurat Ernst May set up a fairly remarked residential area of around 1200 apartments. A ribbon development of mostly one or two storey houses separated by their colour extends as far as the rising meadows of the Nidda-river. Besides ever since a few decades ago remains of the roman estate named "Nida" have been excavated in this region. Finds are exhibited in the museum of ancient history. In the west the rural so-called "Niederursel"-district attracts through its remarkable timber-framed houses. Meanwhile it developed into the current setting of the University's institute for natural sciences.
Sights: The "Nidda"-river represents the ideal destination for a pleasant stroll either on the footpaths on each side or the so-called "Volks"-park Niddatal the former area of the Federal garden festival located further south. Furthermore the pools and saunas inside the "Nordwestzentrum" rank among Frankfurt's best.
Shopping and going out: The "Nordwestzentrum", a large shopping mall, has been thoroughly refurbished in recent years. Hence numerous retail stores, wholesale markets and department stores do not permit any consumer to remain unsatisfied. A decent atmosphere combined with an outsized car park in the basement complete the enjoyment of a shopping trip.
Infrastructure: The key to a quick connection to the city center starting from any of the three districts represents the so-called "Rosa Luxemburg"-highway. In case of choosing public transport the subway line U1 reaches the city center within 20 minutes.

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