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Frankfurt : Ginnheim, 15900 inhabitants
General character: Ginnheim is directly attached to the central districts in the Northwest. The northern part is basically dominated by streets revealing an old village including a beautiful baroque church out of he year 1649. Altogether the quarter does not appear homogenous at any point. Quiet bourgeois residential streets behergergend no more than two families in one house contrast lively estates of the Fifties. While the Eighties are represented through five-storey buildings. Besides timber-framed houses. Accordingly the housing conditions can hardly be generalized. Some parts allow a fairly high living quality others remain average. Surroundings of the so-called "GinnheimerLand Strasse" establish Ginnheim's center, whereas some private gardenings further west lead into the former area of the Bundesgartenschau of 1989. The "Rosa-Luxemburg"-highway crosses Ginnheim and thus serves as a direct connection to the neighboring districts in the North and South.
Sights: Ginnheim is the setting of the German Federal bank's commercial towers, that a museum of money has recently been added up to. Directly nearby the so-called "Telecommunication Tower" reaches 3334 meters towards the south. At the height of 218 meters an observation platform offers an exceptional view on the Frankfurter Skyline. Colloquially named the "Ginnheimer Asparagus" and the Taunus mountains. Located in between Ginnheim and Hausen the so-called "Nidda"-valley park serves as the second largest recreation area of Frankfurt besides the "city"-forest.
Shopping and going out: Groceries as well as everyday essentials are provided by the different shops around the quarter. Pizzerias and middle-class restaurants take care of one's well-being nevertheless the actual gastronomic attraction of Ginnheim is a beer garden serving home made beer from their private brewery on the border towards the former Bundesgartenschau.
Infrastructure: Ginnheim is the final station of the U1-subway-line to begin with. The connection towards the city center by tram or bus is remarkably faster. The western highways are immediately accessible throughout Ginnheim.

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