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Frankfurt : Gallus-/Gutleutviertel, 31200 inhabitants
General character: Set west of the main train station the districts of "Gutleut" and "Gallus" create the connection between the actual city center and the western suburbs of Frankfurt. Around the area close to the city ancient apartment houses from the 19th century dominate while further west a housing estate was built by house building cooperatives in the Twenties and is partly in good repair. Residential buildings maintain a rather medium or low quality in general. The districts both reveal their industrial character, although recently they have either been transformed into office lofts or completely switched to a modern architectural design. Business companies or even communication agencies have settled down in some parts of the quarter. Located right in the centre stretching along the western part of Frankfurt the "Mainzer Landstraße" serves as a meeting point for Frankfurt's car dealers. Through the improvement of the neighbouring "European"-quarter, a former goods station, and the opening of the "Gutleut"-district big innovations as well as new opportunities are expected in the future. sich in der Zukunft für diese Stadtgebiete neue Entwicklungschancen ergeben.
Sights: Transformed into the venue of the lively Gallus theatre, the former so-called "Adlerfabrik" attracts attention through its imposing industrial construction from the 19th century, but even more through ensembles representing the liberal arts showing their impressive productions.
Shopping and going out: Both the so-called "Galluswarte" and the "Mainzer Landstraße", the main avenue along the Gallus and the Gutleut- district, serve as a meeting-point with restaurants and pubs that are well liked by residents just as by employees of the surrounding publishers and agencies. Some shops and supermarkets provide groceries and other everyday essentials.
Infrastructure: The Gallus as well as the Gutleut district is easily accessible either by train ("S"-Bahn) or by subway ("U"-Bahn).

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