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Frankfurt : Bornheim, 25900 Einwohner
General character: The Frankfurter district "Bornheim" with the "Allenring" functioning as a border in the South just like the "Wittelsbacher Allee" does in the West presents a region with strong diversity: Buildings that go back to the turn of the century are placed right next to postwar constructions. Ancient Bornheim marked by its timber-framed houses reminds of some rural idyll. The apple wine industry is strongly bound up with the "IN"-bars of the quarter. This atmosphere in which the workman feels just as comfortable as the IT-specialist creates a remarkable flair of suburban familiarity combined with urban lifestyle. Extra bonuses are the affordable rents that make this district even more attractive for housing.
Sights: At the eastern border of Bornheim the so-called "Eissporthalle", a center for ice-skating, is located. Different events as for example several concerts take place in here as well. Even Frankfurt´s fair takes place in this area twice a year. In the northwestern part of Bornheim a beautiful and intimate area named the "Günthersburgpark" presents the ideal destination for a short-term trip as its lawns, which attract through their richness in trees, create the atmosphere of a Café together with the beautiful fountain in the center.
Shopping and going out: The upper "Berger" street is filled with shops of all kinds. The weekly market, held on each Saturday morning, attracts inhabitants from all around Bornheim with a considerable choice. Apart from Sachsenhausen, Bornheim maintains the strongest "apple wine" business. Several outdoor cafés tempt locals as well as visitors to enjoy the summer outside. Nevertheless pubs and restaurants in the area maintain their position even though it is rather students who gather there.
Infrastructure: Bornheim is accessible within ten minutes by subway (U-Bahn). The "Alleenring" nearby connects the eastern part of Frankfurt with the highway in the West.

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