Frankfurt Bockenheim

Frankfurt : Bockenheim, 31300 inhabitans
General character: Bockenheim is the point of intersection uniting the inner-city and the western municipal districts. The student life of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University is present at all times in this area. Several streets have been redeveloped in the Nineties. In recent times some companies of the service industries settled down around the "Bockenheimer Warte", the tower set in the center of Bockenheim, as well. The northern part of Bockenheim, the so-called diplomatic district, belongs to the most exclusive residential areas around Frankfurt. In addition, Bockenheim offers a large variety of cultural activities. The quarter gains a lot from the interesting program with little theatres, musical workshops for ethno-music and further cultural initiatives. Until late in the evening, the area between the "Bockenheimer Warte" and the "Kirchplatz" maintains a lively atmosphere. Altogether Bockenheim achieves a successful unity of different cultures from all walks of life.
Sights: Bockenheim presents an institution of supraregional affection through the "Senckenberg-Museum", a natural history museum. A few steps further the Frankfurter Ballett and the TAT-Theatre have moved into a former railway complex. A successful way to pass one's spare time can either be walking along the Leipziger Street, visiting the second-hand booksellers on campus, or simply strolling around the quiet side streets in northern Bockenheim.
Shopping and going out: As mentioned above, the Leipziger Straße is the main shopping arcade down Bockenheim. Any everyday essentials just as groceries, clothes, books and further more can be found in here. A large number of cafés and restaurants are located around the University as well as along the "Leipziger" and nearby the Kirchplatz. The prices are generally rather moderate.
Infrastructure: Bockenheim is easily accessible through the public transport: U- and S-Bahn. Frankfurt's "Messe", the exhibition site, as well as the "Westend" is located within walking distance.

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