Lage Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel

Frankfurt : Bahnhofsviertel, 2200 inhabitants
General character: This particular district surrounding the main trainstation partly attracts through some splendid residential buildings nevertheless its reputation remains questionable. Located in between the city centre and the main trainstation it has risen to the position of Frankfurt's major entertainment and red-light district ever since the Fifties. The bourgeoisie has moved into different quarters and 90 per cent of the current residences are not natives. However, no other place with such a metropolitan flair can be found around Frankfurt, as it is on the central "Kaiserstraße", a boulevard full of cafes and a flourishing retail trade. In fact, due to the high concentration of police around here the "Bahnhofsviertel" is supposed maintain one of the most secure quarters in Frankfurt.
Sights: Apparently this quarter does not simply serve the purpose of entertainment. A stroll along the "Kaiserstraße" or even the "Münchner Straße" with its international atmosphere is definitely worthwhile. The actual interesting sight from the architectural point of view appears to be the terminus from the late 19th century where shopping is even possible on weekends. A particular desirability is the "English Theatre" demonstrating the only English language theatre around Frankfurt.  
Shopping and going out: The "Bahnhofsviertel" corresponds to a location of a variety of restaurants partly offering a menu of high quality and international cuisine. In addition, some clubs settled down here as well. There are moreover plenty of opportunities to go shopping: Apart from everyday essentials a large number of specialized shops of any brand can be found around here.
Infrastructure: This district is accessible by foot from the city center. Almost all trains and subway lines pass the "Hauptbahnhof".

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