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Frankfurt : Sossenheim, 15400 inhabitants
General character: Rödelheim and Sossenheim serve as the western border of Frankfurt's municipal area since they are set just along the tiny communities of the front "Taunus"-mountains. Rural two to three storey houses, streets busy due to some small stores and trade service institutions, mark the heart of Rödelheim. The quarter is basically enclosed by the wide row of green space along the "Nidda"-river in the East and some older industrial areas in the West. In between lively main and rather quite side streets a residential area of generally medium quality has been established. Each side of both the "Westerbachstraße" and the "Altsossenheim"-Straße forms the connection between Sossenheim and "Old"-Sossenheim in the Southeast. The Fachwerk-(timber framed) city hall out of 1470 as the central attraction of an idyllic heart of town serves as the heart of some residential areas of quite large size, which were each constructed according to the architectural style of their period. Additionally, the "Nidd a"-meadows have been redeveloped.
Sights: On an isle nicely flown round by the "Nidda"-river is the setting of a beautiful park with old trees. Recently a wooden summerhouse, the so-called "Petrihäuschen", of Goethe's era has been reconstructed. Additionally, a huge public swimming pool, whose green meadows resemble a park, invites swarms of visitors especially due to its particular attraction being a seasonally opened Open Air cinema.  
Shopping and going out: A variety of shopping opportunities can be found in both Sossenheim and especially Rödelheim. Ice cream stores, pizzerias and highly graded restaurants offer a generous gastronomic choice.
Infrastructure: Northern Rödelheim is accessible by subway (line U 6). In addition several metropolitan lines arrive there within 10 minutes coming from the city. Highways headed west can be reached immediately.

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